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5 thoughts on “Photos”

  1. Olit is a truly enjoyable exercise to music experience. You work every bit of your body in a way that improves core strength, balance & flexibilty. Marica instructs in a gentle, non-obtrusive way which enables all participants to move to the flow of the music within their own level of comfort & ability.


  2. Tried Marica class at Lion Quays today. Loved it! Great workout without any jumping around and felt very stretched. Great instruction too. Thank you Marica


  3. Tried Olit today and thought it was fabulous, Marica is an excellent teacher. I arrived feeling tense, tired and stressed, and left feeling blissed out, and relaxed. I will be coming regularly!


    1. Thank you very much Rebecca for your feed back, I am very pleased you are finding benefits from OLIT. Sometimes Olit could be very energized as well because it stimulates the meridians channels.See you soon.
      🙂 🙂 :X


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OLIT – An exciting new dance-exercise from Italy

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